Salted bikes are available from better specialist bicycle retailers Australia wide.


If you're in Australia and your local dealer doesn't stock Salted bikes, get them to give us a call on 1-800-996-757.


No local dealer? No problem! Contact us and we can ship to you direct.


Salted Bikes is slowly and carefully building an international distributor and dealer network where passion and technical knowledge of fat bikes is far more important to us than promises of big sales numbers.


Fat bikes is what we do, in fact, it's all that we do. We intend to still be here, developing and improving the fat bike concept long after many of the big mainstream brands have forgotten about the catagory.


If there is no official Salted Bikes sales outlet in your area we can either sell to you direct or through your local bike shop which we much prefer as our product is technical and best assembled at a bike shop.


(note: assembly will be required and is best done by a skilled bicycle mechanic)

Tel: 1-800-9-96757

PO Box 69

Mt Druitt

NSW 2770


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