Rock Candy GX1

Rock Candy GX1

Rock Candy GX1

Rock Candy GX1

Salted Dropbear tubing

Salted Dropbear tubing

2 x medium

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There was never any question in our minds that full-suspension fatbikes were going to be an important thing in the future of Salted Bikes.


So just over three years ago, we started working with a frame designer about the idea of a full suspension fatbike. The only forks available back then were custom modified Leftys. But we believed in the concept enough that we pushed ahead, knowing that eventually... others would see the light and a fat suspension fork would be released.


Rockshox release of their Bluto fork answered our prayers.


The Rock Candy is made from our very own custom drawn, double butted, 7005 alloy Dropbear tubing. It's heat treated after welding and alignment to ensure strength.


Geometry wise, we wanted the Rock Candy to be an absolute blast to ride. After much testing, turns out we were right. 


Build wise, we'll be offering the Rock Candy with a 120mm Bluto with a SRAM NX 1x12 drivetrain. Because we know that the way to the top of the mountain... means riding up it and we've geared the Rock Candy to let you have as much fun on the way up, as on the way down.


We've spec'd the frame with your choice of a custom tuned Cane Creek DB AIR [IL] (or COIL [IL]) rear shock. 


We've selected the components for our complete build with performance and reliability in mind. You'll note that we spec brand name components at every step. No "house brand" parts compromising your riding experiance here.


We also spec our bikes with Dice Parts Co's Ollie Tubeless fatbike wheels. It just makes sense for a performance bike to run tubeless. 


Salted Bikes Rock Candy - long lasting fun.



The specs shown on the pics above may vary slightly from the spec options listed below.

Image(s) are used for illustrative purposes only

build kit specs

As always, component specification is subject to change without notice.

This can be due to supplier delays beyond out control. In some cases, component substitution may be required.
All bikes are supplied in "kit" form. Only the wheels are pre-built, however the bike will need to be assembled and this is best done by an experianced bicycle mechanic.

Pricing above does not include dealer assembly costs which may vary from dealer to dealer

We've just received some of the hot new 2019 SRAM NX 1x12 EAGLE drivetrains in stock!


So we're offering a mind blowing deal on our special LIMITED EDITION Rock Candy complete.


in just 4 easy steps, you can select just how you'd like your Rock Candy build kit to be specced.


Step 1) - Take one Rock Candy LIMITED EDITION build (as listed on the left)


Step 2) - select your wheel size. The Rock Candy can also be turned into a PLUS machine with the choice of some narrower (and taller) wheels. Either choice of wheelset comes standard with the amazing DT Swiss 350 fatbike hubs and Dice Ollie tubeless wheels.


Choose from:

a) 26" w/Ollie 55mm rims and 4.25" (FAT) tyres

b) 27.5+ w/Ollie 55mm rims and 3.0" (PLUS) tyres

Step 3) - upgrade certain parts in the kit.

(or don't upgrade, it's up to you)


Upgrade options

a) Cane Creek COIL [IL] rear shock - $75

b) SRAM Guide RS brakes - $95 (NX Base Build only)

c) Rockshox Bluto RCT3 120mm - $195

d) SRAM X01 Eagle 10-50T, 12 speed drivetrain - $589 (includes Guide RS brakes)

You can choose, just one, or all... or even none of the upgrades, that's totally up to you.


packed full of brand name goodness

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