The Sandflea is our new lightweight, full floatation carbon fatbike.


We know you want to have fun and ride where others only dream of riding. We understand.


We deliberately didn't want to build a "snow bike".  We wanted a "ride it anywhere" kind of bike. With geometry that would rail singletrack and still feel equally at home on the beach.


To us, "Full Floatation" means that the Sandflea is capable of running up to 4.8" tyres. Our feeling is that on a bike like this, anything less is just not being serious.


Made from our own special blend of high-modulous carbon, that has been tailored specifically for the unique loads of fat wheels. While outside the box thinking, and "tailored to suit local conditions" geometry, combine to give you the best possible riding experiance.


Our Recurve seatstays are flattened slightly to allow a small amount of vertical compliance and give you the smoothest ride possible.


A lot of local riding experience has gone into the development of the Sandflea. Needless to say, we're kinda' proud of the end result.


We've selected the components for our complete builds with performance and reliability in mind. You'll note that we spec brand name components at every step. No "house brand" parts compromising your riding experiance here.


With components from

We also spec our bikes with Dice Parts Co's Ollie Tubeless fatbike wheels. It just makes sense for a performance bike to run tubeless. 


Salted Bikes Sandflea - get bitten.



The specs shown on the pics above may vary slightly from the spec options listed below. (below is correct)

SANDFLEA build options

SRAM Eagle 1x12

SRAM Eagle 1x12

NX Eagle

complete kits from 




build kit specs

As always, component specification is subject to change without notice.

This can be due to supplier delays beyond out control. In some cases, component substitution may be required.
All bikes are supplied in "kit" form. Only the wheels are pre-built, however the bike will need to be assembled and this is best done by an experianced bicycle mechanic.

Pricing above does not include dealer assembly costs which may vary from dealer to dealer

FREIGHT charges are not included above.

We've just landed our new SRAM 2019 Eagle drivetrains.


To celebrate, we've put together an entire new concept on build kits!


in just 4 easy steps, you can select just how you'd like your Sandflea build kit to be specced.


Step 1) - Take one Sandflea carbon frame, (new nude argyle colour)


Step 2) - add a SRAM NX Eagle BASE BUILDKIT (complete specs to the left)


Step 3) - take it as is now... your complete Sandflea build kit is $3199


Step 4) - upgrade certain parts in the kit.

(or don't upgrade, it's up to you)


Upgrade options

a) SRAM Guide RS brakes - $95 (NX Base Kit only)

b) Ritchey WCS Trail alloy cockpit - $150

c) Ritchey WCS Trail CARBON cockpit - $285

d) SRAM X01 Eagle 10-50T, 12 speed drivetrain - $589 (includes Guide RS brakes)

You can choose, just one, or all... or even none of the upgrades, that's totally up to you.

packed full of brand name goodness


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